matt gill Yoga courses & workshops 

Matt's courses and workshops are designed to allow students to explore particular aspects of their yoga practice in greater depth. 


Fullness + Emptiness: Coming Into Balance

Friday 23 June 2017: 19.30 - 21.30

TRIYOGA soho, 2nd floor kingy court, soho, w1b 5pw

£25: Bookings can be made via the triyoga website

In this workshop we'll explore the concept of 'fullness and emptiness' and how it can help us to transition gracefully and efficiently into and out of balances (on hands or feet). 

Differentiating between 'fullness' (weight bearing) and 'emptiness' is a foundational principle of Yang style Tai Chi, one that can be applied to our yoga practice to move with 'lightness and effortlessness' when transitioning into and out of balancing poses. Whether we're balancing on our hands, our feet, or a combination of the two, developing greater awareness of which parts of our body are in contact with the earth, and to what extent those body parts are supporting our weight, is critical to finding stability in our asana practice - particularly when approaching challenging balance poses. 

As well as 'traditional' asana, the workshop will explore movements inspired by Tai Chi and Qigong, meditation and pranayama to cultivate balance mentally and energetically as well as physically. 

Open to all levels of experience.