susie - Testimonials

For me as a former gym and Zumba lover, yoga was always something that I wanted to try. Yet as a total beginner I felt a bit overwhelmed as to what type of class to go for.

Since starting classes with Susie I realise that it’s more of a tool for life that has many benefits in and away from classes. For me Susie is refreshingly down to earth, patient and a great teacher as she understands each person’s requirements and structures the sessions accordingly. Also the sessions consisting of smaller numbers means that there’s more of a personal development feeling.

Yoga really is an inner journey and like many classes I feel you get better results with a good teacher. For me, yoga with Susie is the one and I look forward to the journey unfolding further. If you are in two minds about trying it I would definitely recommend.
— Rowena Fernando
I was brand new to yoga before attending Susie’s class but haven’t looked back since.

I was quite apprehensive as my balance, flexibility and co-ordination were somewhat questionable, but under Susie’s excellent tutelage I feel like a confident and capable member of her class.

She is extremely patient; explains and demonstrates all positions and has a hands on approach if help is needed. I would definitely recommend a yoga class with Susie, no matter what level of experience you have. She is an extremely warm, welcoming and talented teacher.
— Jo Coleman